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Flaxley Abbey

Stephen (11351154): Roger Fitz Milo, the second Earl of Hereford (1125-1155) founded the Cistercian Monastery of Flaxley (Flaxley Abbey, St. Mary de Dene or Dene Abbey) in 1146. He chose the spot in the Vale of Castiard, because his father, Milo Fitz Walter the first Earl of Hereford, had been killed here hunting in 1143. The Abbey was dedicated to St. Mary.

*Milo Fitz Walter, first Earl of Hereford had been killed accidentally by an arrow glancing off a tree in 1143.

Henry II (1154 - 1189): In return for the hospitality given at the Abbey, which he used as a hunting lodge, Henry granted Flaxley tithes of venison and the sweet chestnuts of the Forest.

The first possessions of this house are enumerated in two charters of Henry II: one granted by him whilst Duke of Normandy, the other after he had taken possession of the English Throne.

Henry III (1216 - 272): Henry granted to the monks the woods around Flaxley Abbey for firewood in 1227.

Henry VIII (1485 - 1509) The Abbey Church was totally demolished during the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

The building currently called Flaxley Abbey (2013), is the part of the Abbey which was occupied by the Head of the Monastery. It is greatly altered and is still occupied.

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