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Danby Lodge

At the time of the erection of the Speech House (1670-1680 - EH), five other lodges were built in Dean - those of 'York', 'Danby', 'Worcester', 'Latimer' and 'Herbert' and the Forest was divided into six 'walks'. The Crown's intention was to improve the management of the woodlands.

In January 1688 the Speech House was seriously damaged during a riot by some of the inhabitants: it was "much defaced and spoiled by the rabble". At the same time, the lodges of Worcester and York had been "pulled down by the rabble, and absolutely necessary to be rebuilt".

On 9 July 1689 Drake, keeper of the Speech House, was granted by the treasury 3 towards urgent repairs. On 21 April 1690 the surveyor-general obtained the treasury's agreement to repair the building "at a cost of 2", but there was delay in proceeding: commissioners in 1692 pointed out the cost "over and above the moneys already laid out for the repairs of the roof will be 109 besides two tons of timber, and carriage 2 12s". How much was expended is unknown.

The above text is from The Verderers and Forest Laws of Dean by Cyril Hart (publisher: David and Charles, 1971).

The six original Lodges:

King's (Speech House) Lodge
Danby Lodge
York Lodge
Latimer Lodge
Worcester Lodge
Herbert Lodge

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