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Ropehouse Ditch

The Ropehouse Ditch is a brook flowing through the Sallowvallets Inclosure.

Gerry Stewart writes:

The reason for this intriguing name is not obvious, particularly as close inspection shows that the stream has been canalised with a concrete bed and sides. There is no evidence that a rope works existed in the locality, and in any event this would probably have resulted in the more commonly named Rope House Walk. Enquiries locally produced an authoritative account from retired local miner Mr. Harvey Gwilliam. He recalls that at the time that many mines and workings in this part of the Forest were closing, improvements were being made to the flow of the stream. Use was made of some of the miles of wire rope, which had suddenly become obsolete, as reinforcing for the concrete used to line the stream.

  The above text is from:
                "The Wysis Way"
                by Gerry Stewart
                publisher: Countryside Matters, 1997

Edward Hunt