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The Tomb of Jenkin Wyrhale

This piece is from volume IV of a series of books called "Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet" published in 1806.

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This Tomb appears to have been erected by king Henry VI. as a mark of his approbation of the faithful services of Jenkin Wyrhale, who held a respectable office in the forest of Dean, to which he was first appointed by Henry IV. The inscription on the tomb points out his office, and at the same time well describes his character :

“ Here lies Jenkin Wyrhale, chief forester in fee,

A braver fellow never lived, nor will there ever be.”

He was buried by his own desire at Newland, although his residence was in the parish of Bicknor, where he built a seat called Bicknor Court, and where the family still resides. The ancient house has been taken down and a more modern edifice erected in its place.

Newland is a pleasing village, forming an irregular square round the church, and inhabited by many respectable families. The Church, dedicated to All Saints, is a spacious building, with a tower at the west end, neatly ornamented with pinnacles and open-work battlements. On the west side of the church is a grammar-school, founded in 1632 by Edward Bell, gent. with a house and endowment for a master. Here is also an alm’s-house, founded by the same gentleman, for eight poor people. The principle houses being detached and interspersed with trees and gardens, gives this village an air of rural elegance but seldom seen. There are carried on at this place extensive iron and coal works, which give employment to several hundred persons. The inhabitants of this parish, as returned under the late act, amount to 2454, the number of houses to 522.


Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet,

Containing a Series of Elegant Views

of the Most Interesting Objects of Curiosity

in Great Britain

Accompanied with Letter-Press Descriptions.


James Storer & John Grieg


Published for the Proprietors by

W. Clarke, New Bond Street ;

J. Carpenter, Old Bond Street

Sherwood, Neely and Jones, Paternoster Row.


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